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18 January 2021

We are already a few weeks into 2021 and we sincerely hope you are Keeping Safe & Well during these very difficult and challenging times.

Coach Hire for Summer & Autumn

We’re delighted to be able to open up our coach hire and Group Travel reservations lines for your summer and autumn bookings, and we so look forward to hearing from you. For the time being our sales office will be open between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, so we’ll be very busy and ask for your patience. Sadly we are still unable to welcome visitors to our head office until it is safe to do so.

Whilst there is no doubt that the pandemic continues to put a huge pressure on our business and tourism throughout the country, there is now a small amount of sunshine for a back to normal travel by the middle of the year.

With the announcement of the new vaccine programme we have been seeing increasing confidence in coach hire bookings over the last few weeks, especially for the over 65s who are looking forward to a summer and autumn getaway break together and we can’t wait to see you again on our coaches after all this time.

Travel with Confidence and Safety

We have been very busy ensuring our coaches are of the very high standard for safety and hygiene and our sanitization procedures throughout our coaches has been our top priority – the ease and safety of coach travel paramount, we ask passengers to wear masks, we have hand gel stations on each coach, the air-conditioning units have been fitted special virus filter units and screens have been fitted around the driver, every precaution has been taken for your piece of mind and safety.

During lock-down we have been busy planning for the future, for a “Greener and Cleaner” environment, for our touring coaches to meet the latest Government Euro-6 pollution standards, our air-conditioning systems are in the process of all having virus purifying units fitted for cleaner air, we are also looking at the future requirements of the disabled passenger, these plus many others developments will give you the confidence and safety in our coach travel for your group(s).


Europe is the number one overseas destination for UK travellers and many groups will be looking to travel there with us in 2021. Travel to Europe from 1 January 2021 has changed, so it is important you plan early to make sure you have everything in place in time for your trip. If you have a British passport, you will need to have at least six months left on your passport and your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. You can use the Government’s passport checker to see if you need to renew your passport. We always advise travellers to take out comprehensive travel insurance with sufficient healthcare cover, including cover for existing medical conditions and any activities you plan to do. We are aware travel times will be different as longer periods will be spent at each border, but travel is expected to be no different from previous years and we look forward to taking your group once again to the cities, theme parks and countries of Europe.

Going Forward

We appreciate your patience, loyalty and support during these past months, but happy days are just around the corner, and we look forward to seeing you soon and welcoming you back on our coaches soon.

To request a quotation or book your coach you can contact our office on 01443 670 095 and we will be delighted to take your call or you can email us on

We are here to help and advise so call us today – we have information and safety sheets for your passengers, our recommendations for care-free travel and up-to-date knowledge on all Government regulations.

Get ready to holiday, book your coach for Summer and Autumn breaks and look forward to sharing happy memories with your friends and family once again

With best wishes and thanks from us all at Mainline Coaches.

Coach Guidelines for Group Leaders 

27 July 2020

8th July 2020

With the easing of restrictions within the UK and across Europe, there is cautious optimism tours will begin to operate again in the coming weeks.
We are looking forward to assisting you and are already contacting our partners to request information on their preparations to re-open. We will notify you as required, with updates closer to tour departure dates, so you can keep clients informed.
We anticipate compromises may prove necessary with planned visits and excursions and thank you in advance for your understanding.  Rest assured we will work closely with you if revised arrangements are needed and as we return to normal operation, it is very important that we follow some simple guidelines to protect our staff, you and your passengers – and anyone else that we may come into contact with as we carry out coach travel services for you.

Transport is vital to support our economy and public services and we want to work closely with our group organisers to ensure a safe system of work for all passengers and for our staff.

We are committed to proactively reducing the spread of any disease and maintain the health of our staff and passengers.  As such, you and your passengers are urged to follow this guide to help maintain the hygiene levels that we have in place to reduce the spread of any disease.

We’re Good to Go

In Partnership with; The National Tourist Organisations of Great Britain & Northern Ireland

Mainline have acquired the industry standard and followed government and industry COVID-19 guidelines,

we have a Risk Assessment in place and a process to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing


The following guidelines are based on the current official government guidelines and are also based on the measures identified and required through our Covid:19 Risk Assessment, a copy of which can be provided upon request.

The primary concern on board coaches is that of social distancing; all your passengers should keep their distance from people outside their household, and we recognise that this is not always possible. The transmission of Coronavirus is primarily through people touching surfaces contaminated by the virus and then transferring that contamination to their mouth, eyes or nose. There is also a possibility of breathing in droplets expelled by another person when in close face to face contact.

With these facts in mind, please be assured that your coach will arrive in a sanitised, virus free condition; and that we have the following measures in place prevent the spread of the virus during coach hires. Furthermore, these protocols comply with World Health Organisation guidelines, which are fully achievable on our coaches. Our normal front facing seating arrangements avoid ‘face to face’ proximity and the physical barrier of the high-backed seats, plus the use of face coverings and masks will all help to ensure maximum safety.

In order to set out passenger recommendations for our coaches, the following provisions and policies are in place during the course of this pandemic.

  1. Our coaches all have forward facing, high backed seats, which do create an important physical barrier between passengers.  And passengers will be seated on alternate seats on each row.
  2. All passengers will be requested to wear a face covering, preferably their own, however our drivers will carry a stock on board.
  3. Our coach cleaning system includes daily cleaning of all floors, seats and all glass surfaces, mopping with disinfectant of all floor surfaces, disinfectant wiping of dash areas, driver controls and handles. It also includes cleaning all hard surfaces, handrails, hand grabs, seat belt buckles, armrests and floors between all journeys and also includes vehicle anti-viral fogging on a weekly basis.  Toilets will be closed
  4. You and your passengers should look to maintain at least 1 metre distance from each other during all boarding, travelling and alighting from our coaches.
  5. For the on-going safety of our drivers and passengers, the double seat immediately behind the driver will not be available for use.
  6. Passengers who live together in the same household, may sit together on a double seat. Where this occurs, the seat opposite, next to the aisle must not be used and some passengers will be seated immediately behind each other.
  7. Upon boarding, passengers are encouraged to use the hand gel provided on board.
  8. Mainline will be using X-Mist within its air-conditioning units – this is BS EN1276 standard and offers a way to clean the quality of the air in the coach from Microscopic Health Hazards


General Review

All customers should follow sensible guidance to reduce their risk of exposure to Corvid-19 while this outbreak is ongoing. Viruses can easily be passed from person to person, however the best preventative measure to stop the spread of infections is to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap, then rinse them well under running water. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. Always cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin and wash your hands with soap and water.


Written by: mainline

Corvid-19 : NEWS

27 July 2020


Time seems to fly, in a strange way.  We find ourselves in week 19 of pandemic restrictions and the situation we and the whole coach and tourism industry find ourselves in can be illustrated by simply today’s date – Monday 27th July!  Can you believe it we have just ended the Football season, the Olympic Games would be taking place and whilst the weather has gone back to normal, being unsettled, windy and wet, the current situation is far from normal!  So, ‘normally’ we’d be in the peak of our private hire coaching season, with every coach and every driver, full and part time being needed.  The place would be buzzing – but instead the site is very quiet, the coach park remains full of coaches, unmoved for 12 weeks and the offices are virtually empty too! However, it could be worse – and we all need to stay positive!


What has Corvid 19 meant to Mainline

Firstly, I hope you and your families are safe and well? This awful virus has affected us all in one way or another, but I am hopeful that we can start looking forward to getting back to some form of normality, and with this in mind, I think today is a great opportunity to tell you all about what’s happening at Mainline Coaches

  • Out of 48 coaches usually working 24/7, only 15 of our school buses during early July were on the road taking students to local selected schools
  • Over 60 staff are on the Government supported furlough job retention scheme.
    • Sales have fallen from over 200 tours during the summer to just a handful

It all started back in February and the cancellation of the Six-Nations Rugby Tournament, we would have been using over 30 coaches on airport transfers for the French supporters and again the Scottish Supporters.

In April we should have been doing the Varsity event for Cardiff and Swansea Universities – where we would have had over 150 coaches operating on the day, with assistance from local operators

May – June & July are our main season for incoming group travel, for both UK and Europe touring, tour operators from countries including Austria, Germany, Sweden, America, Canada and Italy are our main income during these months, these have all been cancelled leaving just a small handful of essential Military and local hires we are pleased to operate.
However, with the easing of restrictions getting closer within the UK and across Europe, there is cautious optimism tours will begin to operate again in the coming weeks and months.
We will of-course keep you in touch and notify you as required, with our News updates – so you can keep yourselves and your groups informed as tourism opens its doors .
We anticipate compromises may prove necessary with planned visits and excursions and thank you in advance for your understanding.  Rest assured we will work closely with you if revised arrangements are needed and as we return to normal operation, it is very important that we follow some simple guidelines to protect our staff, you and your passengers – and anyone else that we may come into contact with as we carry out coach travel services for you.
Mainline Awarded ‘We’re Good to Go’ Status by Visit Britain   

We are delighted to have been awarded the ‘Good to Go’ status from Visit Britain. Acquiring this industry standard marks means we, as a business, have followed the government and industry COVID-19 guidelines, have a risk assessment in place and processes to maintain cleanliness and aid social distancing.

Providing safe travel is our number one priority and we hope in achieving this status it provides you with some reassurance when travelling with Mainline.




Written by: mainline