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Welcome to Wales Video

3 August 2021

It was a pleasure to support Visit Southern Wales supplying the coach and driver for this virtual familiarisation tour of South Wales during Covid restrictions. This virtual tour of South Wales gives lots of ideas of places to include in your next group tour. Ask us for help in organising your next group visit ….. We are now enjoying welcoming real groups!


Watch the video below  – or click here to see it on youtube

Latest News from Mainline – Feb 21

4 February 2021

We’re Good to Go programme extended


The We’re Good to Go industry standard programme has been extended for the next few months, in response to industry feedback.

The programme, which is run in partnership with Visit Britain, Visit Wales, Visit Scotland, and Tourism Northern Ireland, is for businesses across the sector to demonstrate that they are adhering to the respective Government and public health guidance, have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and check they have the required processes in place. Over 43,000 businesses across England signed up since its launch in June and Mainline Coaches are delighted to be accepted and now continue to offer our very high standards in health, comfort and hygiene for our passengers.


Britain & Ireland Marketplace (BIM) 2021 – 26th January 2021

As a springboard to COVID-19 business recovery plans BIM 2021, General Manager Colin Jones, attended the Britain & Ireland Marketplace, a one full-day B2B workshop for international tour operators and travel buyers, the opportunity to meet new clients, re-establish old friendships and partnerships, build innovative programmes and packages

The leading B2B event was organised by the European Tour Operator Association (ETOA) and took place online.  Colin had arranged sales and marketing meetings throughout the day with Inbound tour operators, tourist boards, business and corporate clients, the event focussed fully on an agenda of pre-scheduled face-to-face appointments and networking meetings.  Though a very busy and challenging day, Colin reported this was a great success and came away with encouraging business and opportunities for touring in Wales and throughout the UK from the incoming group travel buyers.  The networking also gave Colin the opportunity to discuss new developments and opportunities with clients, building plans for a recovery in 2021 and into 2022.

The development of a recovery in coach touring for later this year was a welcome boost.


Other News

Filming with Mainline Coaches …

During January and continuing the first two weeks of February saw Mainline Coaches supplying coaches for the staff and crew in the Netflix filming of “Sex Education 3”.  The filming took place in Monmouth, Penarth and Newport and Mainline were delighted to be involved with this comedy-drama, which made the streaming platform’s top-ten most popular series of 2019 both in the UK and US and it now continues for a third and eagerly waited series.  Don’t worry the drivers were only used for the driving part and transporting the crew during in the filming!


Have you booked your Coach Hire?

Mainline Coach Travel are the ideal coach operator for domestic group travel and visitors to the UK from abroad. We work with many groups and group tour operators from all over the world to provide quality coach hire for tourists so they can see the best the UK and Ireland has to offer.

Our transport is ideal for all types of groups visiting the UK including schools, choirs, church groups, large families, corporate groups and Rotary Clubs to name just a few.

We work with you to ensure you receive top quality coach transport for your group travel in the UK – so call us today and enjoy your travel experience from the start.


Coach industry and MPs called upon to support  Coach Tourism

Mainline Coach Travel and other leading Coach operators have encouraged their MP’s to lobby parliament in support of the tourism industry. Our local MP Chris Elmore (Ogmore) has taken particular interest in the support of the coach tourism industry which we are grateful and he continues to communicate with the Chancellor, Reishi Sunak calling the government to support the toursim industry during these very difficult times.

Our thank you letter of support …

Dear Mr Elmore

Thank you for your letter and support for the coach tourism industry and we do appreciate your continued backing and voice.

2020 taught us the real value of being part of something bigger. Working together gives the bus and coach industry greater presence and influence, and a voice that can’t be ignored. This approach will be vital in meeting whatever challenges lie ahead to ensure our business – and our industry – continue to thrive.”​

 But while we leave behind a year where the pandemic dominated our personal and professional lives, 2021 looks set to be just as challenging, with a return to a ‘new normal’ not yet in sight.

With the dawning of the vaccine programme a light is now visible at the end of the tunnel, there is now real hope that we will see progress made in restoring businesses large and small to their rightful position and for our coach tourism industry as part of the backbone of the UK economy.

Over the last twelve months I’ve been incredibly proud of the hard work and resilience shown by everyone within our industry, quickly adapting to change and continuing to provide high quality services in the most challenging of circumstances.  Our company and well as countless examples of other bus and coach operators working tirelessly to keep communities connected; delivering vital supplies to the elderly and vulnerable, safely transporting key workers and getting children to school, workers to their jobs and, of course, saving the day for thousands when planes or trains are disrupted. Day trips, excursions and holidays have been disrupted for most families and the elderly and the incoming tourists into Great Britain who generate so much to our economy has stopped.

To help us do everything we do, we need your support. Last year, the coach industry fought tirelessly to take our case to government, and we thank you for your continued support and effort in doing this. Working together gives us greater presence and influence, and a voice that can’t be ignored. This approach will be vital in meeting whatever challenges lie ahead to ensure our business – and our industry – continue to thrive.

Our focus for the year is to recover from the effects of the pandemic and the damaging Government messages we saw around avoiding public transport. With your help we want to continue to spell out to government the vital role that coaches and buses will play in getting the country back up and running, and the support and operating conditions we need to make it happen.

Our finances were hit by the pandemic, and we anticipate a further reduction in sales and revenue in 2021. We’ve acted early to minimise the impact – taking tough decisions on staff and operational costs, we sleeved our plans to re-locate to a new site, which would have increased our business and staff levels in South Wales, we have needed to mothball coaches until the Spring and we’ll continue to cut costs where we can to avoid further job losses.

The Industry is now requiring to meet new Environmental emission standards, PSVAR disabled coach facilities, the challenges of Brexit and the new rules and regulations on travel to Europe and most importantly the renewing confidence of travelling public and bus users to get back on our vehicles.  

Mr Elmore, I hope you’ll continue to get involved in any way you can to ensure our industry’s voice and messaging is heard louder and clearer than ever before.

Coach Tourism is vital to our country, contributing £14billion to our economy, many businesses are family owned like ours and we need your support now more than ever.

Yours Faithfully






Written by: Mainline Admin

Keeping You Safe – We’re Good To Go

21 January 2021

Keeping you safe   

As a result of the current pandemic Mainline Coaches have been working to ensure the safest possible way to travel by adhering to government cleanliness standards and ensuring strict social distancing guidelines are met. In addition to the regular cleaning after very use of all touch points in our vehicles, we also use a medical grade antivirus fogging system to fully cleanse our vehicles;


Covid – FAQs    

  1. Q. Are you still open?

Yes, our office and depot remain fully open with our normal operational hours of 07:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday, and you can reach us via email and social media outside of these hours.

  1. Q. What contingency measures do you have in place to reduce the spread of the virus continues and protect passengers and staff?

At Mainline Coaches we are committed to proactively reducing the spread of any disease and maintain the health of our staff and passengers. As such we follow the Government guidance relating to our industry; we already had in place fully itemised and documented cleaning procedures. These are closely followed by all our staff for the preparation of our vehicles prior to and after the hire of our coaches. Our cleaning provider has confirmed the specific use of all cleaning chemicals for suitability and we have also introduced a new full vehicle “fog sanitising cleaning procedure” to ensure we reach the vehicle ventilation system.

  1. Q. How are you enforcing social distancing?

Your safety and the safety of our drivers is our number one focus, we have de-marked the seating which is prohibited using our bespoke signage. This provides not only the information on where you should and should not seat, but also provide information on the current guidelines.

  1. Q. How do you know that the people travelling on your buses are actually making an essential journey?

We’d urge everybody to follow the instructions on practise social distancing, wearing face coverings whist travelling and using hand sanitser.  Some of our current clients are key-workers or companies needing to transport key workers whilst maintaining social distancing. This includes solutions where previously “car-sharing” was acceptable.

  1. Q. Are there any extra measures I should take whilst travelling?

If you are travelling with us, please pay attention to any instructions either on-board or provided by the driver including face coverings. In addition, please take care of your health and protect others by regularly and thoroughly cleaning your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water often and for at least 20 seconds.

  1. Q. Do you have hand sanitisers available on your coaches?

All of our vehicles are fitted with hand sanitising stations; our drivers are being given gloves or alcohol wipes and we encourage them to use these regularly. We’re also making sure that all areas that are likely to be touched by anyone on board, i.e. the hand poles, grab rails, seats etc, are being cleaned thoroughly and regularly. We ask that all customers work with us by following the NHS guidelines for hand washing/sanitising.

  1. Q. Is it true you’ve sent a lot of your drivers home?

Some of our drivers have been asked to stay home for now because the decrease in travel and reduced services means they don’t currently have day trips or touring work. However, as we have secured new contracts with clients, we have brought them back to provide key-worker transport. We also have staff who are not furloughing and as such can be called upon at short notice to help our clients who need a rapid solution to transport or travel. e.g. Inbound flights, short term contract, emergency situations etc.

  1. Q. Can we re-schedule our trip/journey

Yes, you can, please contact our sales team with your Private Hire or Date of travel and we will change for you immediately.

  1. Q. Can we book a coach during these times?

Yes, you can, we are open for business as normal and all our drivers and vehicles are ready to provide a great service like normal.

Written by: Mainline Admin